A dirty office restroom can negatively affect your business in case clients or/and potential clients visit your office and see a mess. This can lead them to think that your business isn’t run properly.

In this post, we’ll be highlighting the most practical tips on how to keep your office restroom fresh and clean.

As a business owner or manager, you’re required to visit the restroom’s aspects to make sure everything is perfect.

Check the cleanliness of the bathrooms, the seats, the floor, and every other aspect of the restroom. Make sure everything is debris-free, allowing clients to feel comfortable and safe.

Make sure that the bathrooms contain all the needed supplies such as toilet papers and clean water.

Make specification lists for office restroom cleaning

The greatest way to keep your office restroom clean is by breaking up the cleaning process into many components as follows:

  • Routine restroom cleaning: if your business building is large-sized, you’re recommended to hire day porters for routine restroom cleaning. This is a quick cleaning activity throughout the business day. Those day porters will keep an eye on supplies that get low, clean the bathroom sinks, check the toilet papers, and make sure there’s enough soup in the toilet.
  • Daily restroom cleansing: this one is more intensive than the one aforementioned. It takes place at the time of the day when there’s no traffic in the office. It includes removing trash, restocking supplies, ensuring the functionality of the fixtures, and vacuuming and mopping the floor.
  • Deep cleaning: deep cleaning is more thorough than the above mentioned two strategies. Depending on the amount of traffic, deep cleaning should be performed on a schedule-basis; weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly. It should be noted that this strategy should include removing dust, wiping the partition walls, removing soil, scrubbing the floor, and finally making any necessary repairs.

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